For those of you who’d like to hear more about Mad Monks of Kwantoom or just to listen to a podcast of raving AD&D DMs about it, here’s the link to the latest installment of the Roll for Initiative podcast #158, which is entirely dedicated to Mad Monks of Kwantoom!


As an aside, here’s a selection of what people said about in reviews these last months.

Mad Monks of Kwantoom has a very nineteen seventies sword and sorcery comic book as well as Marvel martial arts feel to it. It’s as if you had time machine and went back in time to your favorite hobby shop and this book was sitting on the shelf (Eric Fabiaschi).

Lots of Saffron and Jade and rare and magical spices, if you get my drift (Noah Stevens).

Truth to be told, “sourcebook” is a bit of an understatement. This thing is not just an Oriental Adventures sourcebook, but also a solo campaign generator. There is a ton of cool stuff in here to “lovingly borrow” (The Frugal GM).

It’s socially irresponsible cultural ambiguity (Panju Manju).

If you want to go for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon swordplay, then go for it (Roll for Initiative).

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