I’ve been busy.

Very busy.

I’ve been teaching Video Game Design and Virtual Reality to my Asian students in Vietnamese and Indian universities, travelling the world one country at a time: Scotland, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong; opening too many bank accounts for my own good and becoming a temporary resident of all those places for a while.

And yet, here you are, in a steady stream of visitors of a website I didn’t check for ages. I am ashamed, of course, but I come bearing news if not gifts yet.

A full-fledged roleplaying game is on the way as well as a novel, the first of a saga which I can only describe as a Manga/Light Novel/Anticipation/LitRPG/Historical Fiction crossover like it comes straight from the future.

Dabbling in fiction writing rather than games has changed my perspective. A lot. The world has been changing and so did we, bygone is the Old School Renaissance, The Forge, all those people we’ve interacted with for the better or for the worse, laughable now the debates of the past, forgotten with love and, let’s be honest, fond memories. This change brings change to this website as well as you will see in the coming weeks. In many ways, we begin now, Kabuki Kaiser 3.0.

We. Begin. Now.

For those of you who discover this website and my nickname for the first time, I’d like to make it simple:

“Welcome to my page. I’m Kabuki Kaiser, and I write books with game stuff in them. I know a thing or two about games, I teach that, but it’s okay if you don’t play any. We can only write from experience, I’ve heard, so that you will find a lot of Asian references and a lot of nods to diverse Asian cultures in my books. I will be happy if you get them. If you like K-Pop and manga, you should be all set so that you don’t need a PhD in Asian Studies to understand them and hop onboard. It’s okay, my grandma’s Asian and I live there with Asian friends for my family circle and first readers; so, grab a bubble tea and stay tuned, we’re only getting started.”

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